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Allie has the best luck in the world.  This cow was born on a cattle rancher's farm in Nashville, Tennessee. Her fate to become a meat product was practically written in stone.  However, Allie was born without eyes- making her completely blind. The farmer knew that if he raised her on his farm, she would surely drown in one of the ponds on his property. So, he called a local pig rescue that came to grab her, and for years she was the only cow at the sanctuary. Eventually, the pig rescue reached out to Ziggy's Refuge and begged them to take her. We had room and another cow already within our care, so we said yes! Allie is extremely affectionate towards human companions, always wanting to be loved on. She loves eating pancakes and pumpkins and wanders around the farm so confidently that you'd never guess she is blind. She is especially doting and affectionate towards little Carson, who is also blind, and played a huge role in boosting his confidence and helping him learn the ropes when he first arrived on the farm as a young cow.
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