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Big Baby

Big Baby, Piggers, and Miss Piggy were rescued from horrible neglect in Spring 2019. 

The trio now lives the good life in their very own pasture, and spend all day playing then snuggle up together at night. They bond they all share is very special, and we've loved watching their personalities bloom since arriving.

Big Baby thinks she is just as small as her "siblings" Piggers and Miss Piggy. Baby is always getting into trouble, and this past summer, learned how to open the very heacy barn doors to break into the backyard! She thought us chasing her and trying to coax her back into her area was a great game, and definitely helped us get in our cardio! We think Big Baby is completely or almost completely deaf. Because she can't hear herself, she tends to overcompensate and when she talks, she YELLS. From most corners of the farm, you can hear her bellowing to whoever walks by, asking for treats. Baby loves to be showered with the hose, and on hot days, while her siblings are in the shade taking a nap, Baby will be way out in the middle of the pasture all by herself, just as happy as can be. She loves to follow people around and talks to you the whole time. She always has lots of gossip about farm happenings!
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