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Biscuit Leroy

Biscuit (aka Biscuit Leroy) was surrendered to our county’s animal shelter by his family who claimed they could no longer keep him. Pigs are difficult and expensive pets, rarely stay small, and Biscuit is unfortunately one of probably tens of thousands of pet pigs who end up homeless every year. Even more unfortunate, most animal shelters lack the means to properly care for and adopt out pet pigs. In NC, state laws mean that these "livestock" animal (yes, even potbelly pigs who are clearly pets) must be auctioned off, where they often end up in the wrong hands once again. Luckily, Ziggy’s Refuge got into contact with our shelter and were able to intervene.

They had nowhere to keep Biscuit, and when Jay and Kristin went to pick him up, his kennel was in the quarantine room. Poor, terrified Biscuit had vomiting puppies on either side of his kennel.

I'm sure he was so confused, and just wanted to go home, hoping his family would come get him. Since his rescue, Biscuit’s personality has bloomed, and he is one of the biggest personalities on the farm. Biscuit is extremely vocal, and he is SURE to let you know when he’s unhappy. We affectionately refer to him as Ziggy Junior, since he wants to do everything Ziggy can do! Although Ziggy may be the "alpha" in charge of the backyard pigs, Biscuit is a close second, and tries to boss around the other pigs just like Ziggy does!  One day, about 2 years ago, Biscuit decided he no longer wanted to live in the barn, marched into the house one night at bed time, and has spent every night since then in the living room!!! Biscuit loves to drag random household objects into his bed, demands attention from everyone, and is overall such a loving, troublesome goofball we can’t imagine anyone ever abandoning. His family’s loss was truly our gain, and we are so grateful for Biscuit Leroy’s handsome little butt snoring in the living room right now!
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