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Biscuit Leroy

Biscuit Leroy was surrendered to our local animal shelter by his family who could no longer keep him due to falling on hard times. State law mean that these "livestock" animal (yes, even potbelly pigs who are clearly pets) must be auctioned off, where they often end up in the wrong hands once again. Luckily, Biscuit was saved from that fate. Since his rescue by Ziggy's Refuge, Biscuit has really come around to be one of the most affectionate, personable pigs on the farm. We affectionately refer to him as Ziggy Junior, since he wants to do everything Ziggy can do! Although Ziggy may be the "alpha" in charge of the backyard pigs, Biscuit is a close second, and tries to boss around the other pigs just like Ziggy does! Every morning he walks from his sleeping house to our front door, and bangs and wails until we let him in so he can eat breakfast and sleep on the kitchen floor. Biscuit hangs out with his friends Buddy, Little Baby, and Tank. They all share the same house at night and we have nicknamed them "The Biscuit Bunch," where Biscuit is, of course, their fearless and outgoing leader!
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