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In Summer 2018, we stumbled across an ad saying "Come get this cow, he’s blind and will fill your freezer." The farmer just wanted him gone. Carson had physical pain, from a giant, infected abscess that had been untreated for God knows how long. He also had emotional pain. When Carson first came to the farm, he was young, insecure, scared, and ready to fight anyone in his way. Up until then, he was being held right outside where all of the the other terrified cows were loaded for slaughter -- trust us when we say they know what is happening. He'd spent his whole life unwanted, blind, and brought into the world that had no purpose for him other than meat. Carson spent weeks at the vet and once released, he went to live with his God Mother Elizabeth in Greensboro. She loves him and he loves her. She sang to him everyday and that was the only way he would calm down. She earned his trust and learned to rub him under his chin and that his favorite thing on earth was sweet feed. They spent many hours together and will forever have that beautiful bond.

On top of being blind, Carson had a head tilt and would spin in circles, often rapidly, and we were worried about him. After extensive testing and observation, we wondered if fear, stress, or boredom were worsening the issues. Upon introduction to our two resident cows, Allie (who is also blind) and Elvis, Carson seemed truly content for the first time. The impact they have had on his is remarkable. They love him like an adopted son, help lead him around the pasture, and have made his confidence skyrocket. Nearly two years later, Carson is a new soul, and just another one of our beautiful special needs babies that we have been blessed to watch blossom.

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