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Charles fought for his life and won.  This big pig was going to be roasted for a Fourth of July party, but he escaped, running as fast as he could. He wound up resting in someone's yard, and the homeowner just so happened to be a vegetarian. Thank goodness, because this person knew his life had value. Ziggy's Refuge was called, and we couldn't possibly say no. Now, Charles lives a spoiled life at our sanctuary and will until his last breath. He loves eating apples (honestly, anything!) and has become best friends with another one of our big pigs, Sweetheart. He is a total goofball who is usually first to make volunteers laugh. Even when he busts out of his pasture and heads straight for the feed room or when he rips the stall doors off the barn to steal the other pigs' food, we can't help but laugh. This crazy sweet boy is as happy as can be, and that's all we could ever hope for him!
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