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Years ago, Cam was found wandering the streets of a nearby town. After weeks, animal control was able to catch him and get him away from the danger of cars. Since nobody seemed to care enough to reclaim him, we think he must have fallen off a slaughter truck or escaped a local meat farm with so many sheep they wouldn't have noticed the one missing. Animal control contacted us to see if we could take him, and we have loved having Cam here as a part of our farm. Cam is silly, affectionate, and mischievous. He is best friends with Daisy Mae and Rasta, and we affectionately dub the inseparable trio "The Cam Fam." They wander the big yard around the house freely and spend their afternoons napping in the unused barn on our property. Cam enjoys forehead scratches and breaks into the feed room every morning to check for morsels of food that sometimes fall on the floor-- we don't know what we would do without his generous cleaning help and sweet personality here on the farm!
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