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Mary Leigh

Mary Leigh was surrendered to Ziggy's Refuge in late summer of 2020.  Her first Dad passed away which is when his family sought a new home for her. While she clearly proves that big is beautiful, she came to us severely overweight which was causing a multitude of health issues, including "fat blindness". This is caused by fat folds in her face actually forcing her eyes closed completely obstructing her vision. She has been steadily losing weight since settling in at the Refuge, and she is getting some of her vision back as she sheds the extra pounds. This has been a slow process, as her weight also makes it difficult for her to exercise. The more she loses the more she wants to explore, and the more she gets to enjoy all that Ziggy's Refuge offers. Recently, we took in another very obese pig named Piper. We were so worried that she and Mary Leigh wouldn't get along, but to our joy, they have become fast friends. They both experienced the loss of a family member and a life they loved, but have helped each other feel at ease. They live together in a tiny house on our property, and watching their personalities bloom has been such a rewarding experience. They are losing weight but gaining life, friends, and know they will forever be loved and cherished here! We love these girls more than words!

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