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Wilbur was purchased by a local family from a "reputable" Meishan pig breeder. Unfortunately, designer breeds like Meishans, even from the "best" breeders often face many health issues and birth defects. Wilbur's new family reached out to us after they quickly noticed his front legs appeared deformed, asking what they could do to help him. Since Wilbur was still so young, we showed them how to brace his legs so that they could grow straight and he could have the best chance at mobility. After many months, Wilbur's legs seemed much less bowed, but his family asked if we could take him in, as they were worried that they lacked the means and knowledge to care for him as he grew, especially with the possibility of further issues with his legs as he got up to 300lbs.

His legs are still ever so slightly bowed, but seem to be gaining lots of strength and muscle over the months he has spent in our 4 acre pasture with Buttercup and her friends. Though Wilbur has grown a lot, fortunately, his legs seem to be holding up well. Although we are still cautious and ready to brace his legs again at any sign of mobility issues, likely the bracing done on him as a piglet saved his life. Wilbur is a goofy, loveable boy who loves attention and hanging out with his friends in the sunshine all day. He is extremely easy going and so sweet. We are so grateful that his family knew to reach out to us and take preventative action so early on.

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