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Our beloved little girl, Junebug, was rescued by our friend Wayne. She was facing death after a breeder could no longer profit from her. It was the breeder's loss as everyone who met her was brought so much more joy than money could ever buy. Junebug was born with severe scoliosis, and in her short time here at Ziggy's, she underwent lots of physical therapy and acupuncture to help her manage her condition.
Junebug's death was a complete surprise and incredibly difficult for our family. She was doing so well, had played all day with no signs of distress, when at 2:00pm Jay and Aunt Berka left her to take a trip to the barn and when they returned, she was gone, potentially from a blood clot. 

The second we heard of Junebug’s story and the special care she required, we knew she belonged with us. We fell in love with her weeks before we even met her through the daily videos and pictures shared from Aunt Susanne Whiting while she received care at UT. We were excited and hopeful to show Junebug this love for a very long time.

On the farm, everyone that met her instantly fell in love as she would scoot to lay on whoever was near. Junebug’s personality grew rapidly at the farm. One of the funniest things she would do was after the sun went down and we had put her up for the night, she would always beat on her door until someone would come back and tuck her in under her covers and rub her belly for the second time of the evening and put the tv on her favorite channel.

Junebug left this world knowing that she was loved endlessly, she was lying on her favorite hill under her favorite tree. I think if I were to go, I’d like to go the same way she did.

Junebug, we’ll love and miss you forever. You were with us for such a short time but your impact will last with us eternally.

2017- Sept 28, 2019
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