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We rescued Finn in October 2021 from a terribly sad situation. Animal control visited the property of a man who had died after driving under the influence. What they found was a horrible hoarding case- almost a hundred small breed dogs and one incredibly tiny little pig. Finn is clearly a product of inbreeding. He is unusually tiny for a full-grown pig and has horrible arthritis at such a young age from flawed genes. Finn was being fed dog food, barely had space to walk around, and was overweight, exacerbating his arthritis. Finn was in such crippling pain, so dehydrated and sick he that he couldn’t even stand to eat his baby food from a syringe. For weeks, we fed him while he was propped upright in his wheelchair. We honestly expected Finn may have needed the wheelchair indefinitely, but Finn transformed into a different pig over the months since his rescue. There were several huge factors in Finn’s recovery- the good food, kindness from humans, a medication regimen and Noltrex injections for his arthritis. But the true drivers of his recovery were Dolly, Wilbur, and Buddy, the trio we rescued just about a month after Finn. 

Initially we housed them in the barn together but in separate stalls. We didn’t think sickly Finn had enough energy to sneak into their area, but one day he did, and just laid in the snuggle pile like he’d belonged there all along. The love these four disabled babies have for each other is truly beautiful, as we couldn’t love this little family of misfits any more! 

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