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 In Summer 2022, we were alerted to a hoarding case in our state and took in three disabled babies in: Dolly, Wilbur, and Blind Buddy. We were devastated when we got to the site and found Wilbur, who spent his days locked in a dog crate inside a horse trailer. Wilbur is most likely a result of inbreeding and is a genetic mess, with some of the worst arthritis out vet had ever seen on top of being totally malnourished (about 30-40lbs underweight) dehydrated, and ridden with parasites at the time of his rescue. Only a few months after his rescue, Wilbur survived a systemic infection this year that vets diagnostically gave him a 0% chance of overcoming. He has overcome so much in his 10 years of life, and we are so blessed to give forever retirement home where he can finally be cherished and spoiled like he deserves. Wilbur loves snuggling with his family, insists on being tucked in at night, loves rooting in the yard, he wants constant human attention and loves snout kisses more than any pig we’ve ever seen! He is the most precious little man with the best personality. We love him more than life!
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