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 In Summer 2022, we were alerted to a hoarding case in our state and took in three disabled babies in: Dolly, Wilbur, and Blind Buddy. Dolly has had a hard life, and we know for sure while working on that case, she had been abused and had thrown in a pen with all male pigs, who left her even more battered and pregnant. Initially we planned on only fostering Dolly, but it became clear soon that her arthritis was much more severe than we initially thought. At some point in her life, Dolly’s shoulder was badly broken but had never been treated. It fused irreversibly wrong, beyond the point of a surgical intervention, and has left her with osteoarthritis of a much older pig than her few years. Despite all the pain she endured, she is the sweetest soul. Dolly loves belly rubs, nose scratches, and is 100% a momma’s girl. She is very closely bonded to Buddy, Finn, and Wilbur, and seeing their cuddle piles at night is the most adorable sight. Dolly has no idea that she’s disabled, and frequently breaks out of her fence to explore the yard (and fight the yard pigs!) We love her sassy personality and she couldn’t be a better fit for our family. Once discarded, Dolly is now cherished, spoiled, and happy!
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