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Blind Buddy

Precious little Buddy Lee may be blind, but he still knows he’s hot stuff! In Summer 2022, we were alerted to a hoarding case in our state and took in three disabled babies in: Dolly, Wilbur, and Blind Buddy. One special little boy, who we named Buddy Lee (aka Blind Buddy), was the first special needs baby we picked up that day. At first, we thought Buddy was just blind, but it soon became clear to us he is quite the medical anomaly. Buddy has a severely compromised immune system, and struggles to maintain his body temperature. His temperature can dip startlingly low, sometimes as low as 93 but (normal pigs temp is 101-102) but he can also run fevers. We have to take his temperature several times daily and keep a baby monitor in his house so we can always keep an eye on him. Buddy was living outside and unsupervised when we rescued him and most likely wouldn’t have survived the winter. Despite all his medical issues, Buddy Lee is perfect. He is so tolerant and gentle, and doesn’t mind at all constantly being doted on, getting his temperature taken, and getting dressed up in jackets – he just love the attention. Watching Buddy grow more confident and his personality bloom since his rescue has been so rewarding. We love this special boy, and couldn’t be more relieved he found his way here for his happily ever after.
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