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Our Goodbye Letter to Toby:

Dear Toby,
The moment we met you, we knew you were special. You slowly walked around the pasture always striving to keep up with us because you loved your mom and dads company. At that time we didn’t know you were struggling with infections in your legs and foot, we just thought you were overweight and took your time. You were the first turkey we had ever known. It didn’t take you long at all to show us that you were a human child that happened to be born into a turkey body. You wanted to love and be loved. We are the luckiest parents to have ended up with you as our child.
You changed our lives in so many ways. Your gentle and loving soul was addicting. The first time you walked over and joined a group around the campfire, we saw others begin to see you the same way we did. You wanted to be a part of the activity just like anyone else would. You would want stay up until the last person would go to sleep and loved being tucked in your straw bed with a blanket covering you (before you became our inside baby). You responded when we called your name and walked over whenever we came near. Every popcorn party we had together was the greatest moments of our lives. We truly believe your famous “pew, pew” meant “I love you,” and boy do we “pew, pew” you. We cherished every second we had with you. You made us incredibly happy and I think we had the same effect on you. We hope so anyway.
Last year when walking became a big struggle for you, we had no idea what the recovery would entail. All we knew is that we wanted what was best for you and we listened to you the entire time. You told us you were young and ready to run like a turkey again, so we got your surgeries lined up with the very best avian vet we could find.
You trusted us to your core. The bond we shared was indescribable. We trusted you just as you trusted us. We listened to you closely making sure we were making the right decisions. You fought like hell and baby, we fought like hell for you. The last thing we ever wanted was to lose you. We had hoped we’d be able to have an extra 10+ years with you.


There aren't enough words in the English language to describe what Toby means to Jay and Kristin, and to the entire Ziggy family. Toby was rescued from a factory farm by a fellow rescue before he found his way to Ziggy's. When Toby first arrived, he had a slight limp which was suspected to be bumblefoot, a foot infection common in birds.
However, upon seeing a vet, his issues turned out to be more serious than imagined. Not only did Toby have bumblefoot, but both of his legs had infections. He also had developed a chest infection from lying down when he found it difficult to walk. Toby fought for his life through several operations to fix his legs, feet, and chest. While healing from operations, Toby loved cuddling and watching TV, and got pushed around the farm in his very own stroller.
Sadly, in March 2018, Toby succumbed to the many infections and health issues he faced, but his time spent here at Ziggy's was a gift and he died surrounded with love and having changed the lives of thousands by showing them the sentience, personality, and willingness to live possessed by the millions of turkeys just like him that are slaughtered each year.
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