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We rescued Buttercup in the winter of 2021. Buttercup was a breeding sow who had lived for 6 years in a gestation crate, with no grass, sunshine, or fresh air, and unable to even turn around. All 10 litters of her piglets had been sent to their deaths already, and with an X spray painted across her back, she was next. Buttercup had an advocate who worked at the farm and was able to find her a forever home. We were so worried about how she would adjust to her new life, after 6 years locked in a cage, never having seen the outdoors or socializing with other pigs. Buttercup truly took it all in stride: she has bonded so well with Daisy, loves to spend every waking hour outside in the sun, and loves people with all her heart. She’s really bulked up and gotten so much muscle after walking and exploring her 5 acre pasture. We love this angel so much. She reminds us every day how beautiful the little things in life are- after so many years with nothing, she still has so much love to give and so much joy for life. Thank you for loving Buttercup and celebrating her life here with us!
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