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In September 2023 we were tagged in a post about a pig that had been abandoned, attacked by dogs and left on his own to die. The tag came in at 10:30pm and by midnight we had a transporter enroute and he was picked up at 8am the next morning. Thank goodness he made it to the hospital on time where he underwent not one, but FOUR life-saving surgeries. His sweet disposition and ridiculously handsome looks made him an instant hospital favourite.

Today he lives in our special-needs areas. He enjoys spending the day roaming around the farm until well after dark and has totally taken to his water therapy Luckily for us, he is a very trusting and brave boy and he’s very willing to work with us in the therapy pool. We are so incredibly blessed to have this beautiful boy on the farm and in our lives. Due to the severity of his injuries, he’ll most likely be in our special-needs area for his lifetime but we know that he is going to thrive and enjoy every minute of his life here. He’s already shown us how much he can do and we can’t wait to see how he far he progresses. We look forward to a lifetime of loving and caring for this very special boy.

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