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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was a sweet, friendly little old lady who came to us with 3 other goats from a hoarding case. She came very bonded to Gracie. Despite her old age, she was crazy energetic, she is always bouncing around.  She was also quite mischevious...  Her favorite game was "Escape The Pen", a game in which she and Gracie find new ways to get out of their pens and hang around outside the fence.  You'd have to see it to believe it, but she's practically Houdini reincarnated!  We loved this sweet girl, and the goats were some of the first animals we rescued. In spring 2021, we were startled to find Sweet Pea stumbling around and showing neurological issues out of the blue. We rushed her to Dr. Barker, who tested and treated for various conditions overnight. She was not better in the morning, and given her old age and fragile state, made the decision to help her pass. Luckily, her condition was not due to a virus or bacteria that could make her friends sick, and an autopsy confirmed this. We will forever miss Sweet Pea and her spunky self, and we know her friends miss her too.
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