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In early 2021, we heard about a young pug who needed a soft landing spot. He had been raised from a puppy by an older lady who couldn't care for this dog with boundless energy. Little did we know, we were adopting the world's wildest, craziest pug! Willie needed no adjustment time, and he took to life on the farm instantly. It was like he knew from day 1 this was where he always belonged. Willie is like a wind up toy, always on full speed. He loves every animal on the farm and has even made a special bond with Ziggy. More than anything, Willie loves his humans. He desires constant attention and is such a sweet cuddlebug. His best friend is Oakley, and neither dog is aware that there is about a 100lb different between the two of them! We can't imagine life on the farm without Willie. Although sometimes he gets in the way, he is such a huge presence and personality at the refuge, and keeps us laughing constantly.
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