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In April 2021, we received a desperate plea from a grieving mother and father to take in their daughter's pig who had nowhere to go after her passing. We explained that we had to be very selective about the animals we take in, since we get pleas every single day and cannot take them all, but offered to post about Piper on our page to find a home for her. This sad story stuck with us, and we eventually we decided to make the drive to Virginia beach to pick her up and offer her a home on the sanctuary. The transition was extremely difficult for Piper, and we were devastated to watch her grieve her old life. Even more heartbreaking, we later discovered that Piper's owner was alive and well, just unwilling to rehome her responsibly and instead tried to guilt us into taking her by making up this story. Getting Piper to a healthy weight was a big concern, as she was very overweight and struggling with mobility.

Mary Leigh, whom we'd rescued about 6 months previously was also in weight loss bootcamp here, and really needed a buddy. We hoped that after a quarantine period, we could introduce the girls and hopefully they could live together. We were so worried the two wouldn't get along and that we would have to find other arrangements for them, but to our delight, they became fast friends. They have both slimmed down significantly since their rescue, becoming much more mobile, and we love seeing them wander the farm together all day. They have helped each other heal and transition so much, and though they have both experienced loss, are some of the most content, sweet, and trusting girls we could ever have been blessed with.

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