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Cruz and his sister Coral were rescued from a horrifyingly neglectful home by a sweet girl from North Carolina.  However, after rescuing them, she didn’t know what to do with them! Coral was in dire need of medical attention with a prolapsed rectum and several other issues, and Cruz wouldn’t go anywhere without Coral. So, Ziggy’s Refuge stepped in with all intentions to pay for their medical care and then rehome them to people who would treat them with all of the adoration in the world. Well, it turns out that Coral was going to be more work than we initially thought, with one surgical procedure turning into five and we feared we could rehome them without risking lack of medical care. So, Coral and Cruz became permanent residents at Ziggy’s Refuge! Cruz adored Coral, and followed her everywhere: he was the easy-going brother and she was the spunky sister. Coral's issues were severe, and she was able to live happily for two years before we had to make the difficult decision when there were no more surgeries to improve her issues. Cruz suffered greatly from her passing, and is only just now beginning to leave behind the depressive state he had entered after losing Coral. Cruz loves snuggling and is so curious. He has never met a stranger and loves to greet everyone who visits the farm. He is the perfect little pig, and we’re happy to be the place he calls home.
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