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Elvis was the first cow to live at Ziggy's Refuge.  Before becoming free at Ziggy's, he belonged to a hobby cattle farmer.  This farmer's lady friends fell in love with beautiful Elvis and kept saving him every time the other cows were sent to slaughter.  Eventually, they realized that for Elvis to live, he would have to go to a sanctuary.  That sanctuary was Ziggy's Refuge. Elvis' favorite snack is fresh hay- so much so that he moos and dances every time he sees us coming with new flakes.  He loves playing with the hay just as much as eating it!  Elvis is full of mischief and can be quite jealous- if he notices you giving attention to other animals, he nudges them out of the way despite not necessarily wanting the attention himself!  As you can probably guess, he is quite the goofball. He loves hanging out in his barn on sunny afternoons with his girlfriend Allie.
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