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Hannah Montana

 In early 2020, Hannah Montana was rescued by our friend Allison who lives in, you guessed it, Montana! Hannah was born with deformed back feet and Allison discovered her on Craigslist where the breeder was advertising the tiny piglet to be snake food. After nearly 40 rescues recommended euthanasia, Ziggy's got the call about Hannah Montana. We specialize in special needs animals like her, and we knew we had to give her a chance. Our friend Dr. Davis flew Kristin all the way to Montana, and after that, we got to work to figure out what to do to give Hannah the best life possible. After she (very dramatically) rejected her wheelchair, Derrick Campana of Bionic Pets helped us craft custom shoes that would keep her feet protected and also give them a lift to reduce the pressure put on her spine. Hannah is a Berkshire pig, and now tips the scales at over 400lbs. 

With all the rapid growth she’s done in her life, she’s gone through 15 pairs of shoes! Despite her disability, Hannah Montana is extremely mobile and adventurous, and is truly one of the most adorable, happy, spunky pigs on the farm. She is constantly moving and keeping busy, loves rolling in mud, and is constantly losing her shoes in the yard! Hannah is extremely bonded to Jay and Kristin, and has her very own bedroom, complete with padded flooring, its own HVAC unit, and fairy string lights for our fairy princess. We admire Hannah’s spunky attitude and persevering spirit. Being her parents is such a blessing!

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