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Hope was rescued in November of 2019 as a tiny baby piglet. Born disabled, her owners were considering euthanasia because they didn't know there was any other choice for her. Thankfully for Hope, her story didn't end there, and Kristin swooped in to pick little Hope up from Aunt Jennifer who was waiting at the airport. Hope has a big personality, just like most of our rescue babies, and fits in so well on our farm. From day one, Hope has been an independent girl, and continues to fearlessly boss around animals much bigger than her, especially Hannah Montana! Hope is CONSTANTLY on the move, and currently has a wheelchair to get around in. Without her wheelchair, her back legs tend to drag behind her. The wheelchair improves her posture and keeps her spine straight, plus lets her zoom around the yard at twice the speed! Hope lives in the House with Jay, Kristin, Ziggy, and the sheep. Her guilty pleasure is sneaking onto Ziggy's mattress when he's not looking and burying herself under his blankets. Hope is the best little pig and we can't imagine life without her (and her constant squeaks and grunts!!)
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