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Jordan was Ziggy's Refuge's first rescue animal!  This little pig was listed on Craigslist- "$40 to fill your freezer".  When we saw that listing, our hearts absolutely shattered.  We couldn't imagine how his life had been reduced so much that he was seen as an object to buy and sell rather than an individual with feelings and a personality.  Ziggy's Refuge stepped in as quickly as they could and offered to take him in.  It took lots of conversing with his past owners due to the fact that if we were to take him, there would be no money exchanged- just a life lived happily at our sanctuary.  We are happy to say that our gift of gab worked, and we were able to take him in.  Jordan has major trust issues, still to this day.  He came from a very neglectful past, which makes his lack of interest in people understandable.  His offstandish personality has earned him the nickname "Thug Life", which always gets a chuckle out of visitors.  He loves pumpkins and has become best friends with Petunia the pig, so he isn't at all lonely.  Despite his grumpiness, we adore him- and he knows it.  We are so thankful that this little boy knows he is safe.
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