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Little Baby

Baby (aka Little Baby, since we have two precious girls on the farm named Baby!) was rescued from an atrocious hoarding case in rural Virginia the summer of 2018. Immediately upon her rescue, Ziggy's brought her to the clinic of our friend, Dr. Kay, where she hardly moved or opened her eyes for a whole month. Her condition was so poor that we had very guarded hopes that she could even pull through. After months and multiple surgeries, Baby was finally well enough to leave the hospital and begin living on our farm. Physically and emotionally, she is a different pig, and it's hard to believe she was ever that sickly, dying pig she was when we first got her. Baby is incredibly sweet and gentle, and loves to have alone time and get belly rubs. Every day, she takes an afternoon nap under her favorite tree. She runs with the "Biscuit Bunch" consisting of her best friends Buddy, Tank, and Biscuit. We are endlessly amazed by the amazing transformation of this sweet girl and could not be prouder to have her as a part of Ziggy's Refuge.
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