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Moko and Jumbie are brother and sister, and came to us in Spring of 2018. The two were born on a commercial farm, most likely being bred for lamb meat. After accidentally being born in a pasture that winter, they both lost their ears to frostbite, and Moko lost part of his hind legs before anyone even knew they were alive. Luckily the farmer found them and surrendered them to us.
We first started Moko's journey to mobility with the help of a wheelchair, though with time, it became clear that he needed something more, as the wheelchair put too much pressure on his front legs. This caused his front fetlocks (like human wrists, but what keeps sheep standing) to collapse completely.
Derrick Campana of Bionic Pets is undoubtedly the only reason Moko is still here today. He has helped fit Moko for countless prosthetics, tweaked them as he grew bigger, and has loved Moko and Jumbie in a way we will eternally be grateful for. The braces provide support without rubbing his nubs, and coupled with a fetlock fusion he received in late 2019, Moko has been walking better than we ever could have dreamed for him.
Moko has a will and drive to life a normal sheep life. Even though he struggles to walk, you will find him walking everywhere, with us following right behind and cheering him on. We may be biased, but Moko is just about the chillest dude there is. He is always down to do anything and go anywhere, so long as he gets cuddles! Moko trusts and loves with his whole heart. He has changed our lives and the lives of so many who come meet him and follow us on social media. His determination and love for life is inspiring.
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