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Neil was rescued by Ziggy's Refuge from what we believe was a dog fighting ring in Sampson County, NC. There, he had been used as bait to rile up the fighting dogs. When he was rescued, he had gashes all over his body, and it took five surgeries to patch him back up. Vets were forced surgically removed his left butt cheek to try to patch some of the wounds up. Neil, amazingly, has become the most loving, gentle, and precious little boy ever. He loves other animals and people despite his horrifyingly brutal past. This little boy gets along with everybody and wouldn't hurt a fly. Neil loves belly rubs more than anything in the world, and flops over for them about five seconds after you greet him. He is almost puppy-like, with his tendency to follow you around and of course his irresistable, big, brown puppy dog eyes. We love him to pieces!
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