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Petunia is a sweet momma pig living out her days with her three sons: Wilbur, Albert, and Oliver (or the Three Amigos, as we call them). They all came to Ziggy's after another rescue who saved them from neglect, but did so without having fosters lined up, which means they didn't really have anywhere to go. We also would have hated to see them separated if they were adopted out individually, so Ziggy's Refuge stepped in and gave this little family a forever home. Petunia has been the sweetest girl since day one. While her babies were a bit more timid, Petunia was not afraid to show us her silly side and remind us she demands belly rubs! Petunia and her 3 sons share a big barn and 5 acre pasture with a couple farm pigs and potbellies we have in our back pasture!
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