These "scent"ual soaps aren't limited to humans, but are safe on dogs and pigs as well!  Everyone needs a universal bar of soap... And we have 'em!  


They are created by a small, USA based company in New York called "Lilly's Line" on Facebook!  They are all cruelty free and vegan!  They are detergent free as well. 


Peppermint Snowflake:  A Ziggy's Refuge Exclusive Item!!!  Detergent free coconut soap base with peppermint fragrance.  Size will be approximately 3.65 ounces.


Woof Dog Soap: Detergent free coconut soap base with oatmeal flakes.  Lemongrass essential oil.  NOTE: Due to the essential oils, this is NOT SAFE for cats.  Use for pigs, dogs, and people only.  Bone size will be approximately 3.65 ounces.

Ziggy's Refuge Vegan/Organic Sanctuary Soaps for humans dogs and pigs