cam meets solly
cam meets solly



Captain Salomon, aka Solly, was rescued as when he was a few weeks old along with his brother named Rue (who now lives at BellaView Farm Sanctuary). It was clear from the start that both have the same medical condition, which first only impacted the laxity in their legs. For a few months, he got along great in his wheelchair. One day Solly had some trouble getting around, but was mysteriously not in pain. A routine xray shocked us by showing a several fractures, some new and some old, but most startlingly, a large break in his femur. His brother Rue also suffered a break in his femur, and it became clear that these boys had extremely brittle bones, especially in their back legs.
Our vets have collaborated with human doctors and famous sheep specialists across the globe to try and diagnose Solly's condition, but it seems like it's something never seen before. 

We were faced with two options: amputate, or fix the fracture with surgery. We opted for surgery, and thanks to the help of his incredibly medical team and the donations and prayers from Ziggy nation, everything went better than we could have hoped. Fast forward a few months and the unthinkable happened. Baby Solly was being carried inside after a morning full of fun in his wheelchair, when his caretaker's feet got tangled in a blanket on the floor and they both fell. Solly's bones, as delicate as they are, were broken in several places in his back legs. It was heartbreaking, stressful, and everyone was worried sick. We didn't want to ignore Solly's quality of life, and didn't think it would be fair to put him through more surgery and pins in his bones, especially when they could break again later down the line.


Prior to the accident, Solly primarily pulled himself with his front legs in his wheelchair, with his back legs dragging along. We had doubts that without the breaks, he would ever have full use and strength in them. On top of the fact that his bones seemed to be the weakest in his back legs but less so in other parts of his body, we consulted his incredible surgeon who agreed with our thoughts that amputation might be his best option for continuing mobility and quality of life. Fast forward several months, and you have a two-legged, one-eared little baby sheep, who is just as happy and determined as he's ever been. Solly has had water therapy and walks better every day in his wheelchair. He is the most loving and awesome lamb, and every day we are astounded by how fiesty and crazy happy he is! He has a ravenous appetite, endless want for attention, and is DETERMINED to bite Moko's ears!! We love this little boy, and although his future isn't certain, we know that we will keep fighting as long as he does.