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Once upon a time, a little boy fell in love with a farm pig.  This farm pig was Sweetheart. His love for this pig was so strong, it saved her from being sent to slaughter. Instead, she was brought to Ziggy's Refuge, where she has bloomed into the wonderful pig she is today. The only hint of her cruel past is a number tattooed on her right ear and the fact that her tail was cut off, a procedure performed on all farm piglets without anesthetic or pain relief.  Today, she prides herself on being a sassy girl who loves blankets, pumpkins and every volunteer that walks into her barnyard. Kristin is 100% her momma, and she loves to snuggle with her just like she's a little piglet again. Her best friend Charles is almost always by her side, and they love rooting, wallowing in the mud, and cuddling up together at night.
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