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You’d be hard-pressed to find a sweeter face than this one. Tank always makes our heart melt but this timid soul always makes sure we observe him from a distance.
Our goal here is to whenever possible allow the animals to live life on their terms and when it comes to Tank he is happiest when people let him do his thing.  He will follow behind people and go right up to you for a treat. He is even a frequent member of our parades, and happily marches in line with the others, but heaven forbid you touch him!!! 

There is a good reason for this as when Tank first arrived he obviously came from an abusive environment. Pigs in particular can take a long time to trust humans even under the best scenarios but when bad experiences are added in they may never fully trust humans.  Whatever it is that allows Tank and the other more timid animals happy that is what we will do even if that means we don’t get to build the kind of personal relationship with the animals that we love.  In the end, it’s all about them and how they wish to live their lives. We love this boy and we have no doubt that he loves us too.
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