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Tito was dumped on our farm as a tiny kitten this past fall (2019). As many rural homeowners know, some people think that any farm is a good place to abandon their dog or cat instead of responsibly re-homing them. We frequently get dumped dogs and cats, and pay out of our own pockets for them to be spayed or neutered, then pass them along to a wonderful friend of ours who works with rescues to try and network and find them homes. Tito was extra special and though we tried to find him a home, he ended up sticking around here, his kitten antics providing us lots of laughs. He lives partially inside the house and partially outside. He is extremely friendly and sure to jump into the arms of everybody that visits and bends down to pet him! He sure can get into trouble, but at the end of the day, we can't deny that he's any less than perfect!
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