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Vinnie was discarded by a large factory farm due to the fact that he couldn't eat without vomiting- which made him impossible to fatten up.  Luckily, this made him unfit to become a "meat product". It's easy to tell Vinnie apart from the other farm pigs here due to his missing ear. The veterinarians concluded that his ear was intentionally sliced off in an abusive encounter because it was such a straight cut. Thus, he earned the name Vinnie after Vincent Van Gogh because of his missing ear. Vinnie had a tough start here at Ziggy's and each week he underwent anesthesia and a life-saving stomach stretching procedure that allowed for the opening in his stomach to pass food without Vinnie regurgitating each time. For years Vinnie had to drink his "mush" from a bottle 4 times a day, but we are so excited to say that within the past year, his issues have diminished and he is able to eat regular food like all the other pigs. He still has several health issues, but by living at Ziggy’s Refuge he is guaranteed to live a long, happy life with the care he needs!

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