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Ya'll don't tell Ziggy this (we don't want it going to his head), but he also has his very own feature on The Dodo!
Click the link below to learn a bit more about him, his story, and his adventures across the country!


Ziggy is the star of the show, as you can probably guess by the sanctuary's name!  He was adopted as a baby piglet by Kristin Hartness who was under the impression that he was a teacup pig  (which don't actually exist!)
Suddenly, Kristin found her hands full with a 300-pound big baby pig.  Ziggy left the Virgin Islands (his first home) and traveled the United States in his motorhome with his parents, Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz, educating the public about living a compassionate lifestyle. He has successfully encouraged hundreds of his fans and supporters to embrace a vegan life, a life that excludes cruelty to Ziggy's animal friends. Ziggy loves hiking, swimming on beaches, mangoes, and getting attention from everyone who visits the farm!
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