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Ziggy is the star of the show, as you can probably guess by the sanctuary's name! If it weren't for Ziggy, the awareness he brought us about the plight of pet pigs across the country, and the love and light he brought into our lives, Ziggy's Refuge wouldn't be here today. He was adopted as a baby piglet by Kristin Hartness who was under the impression that he was a teacup pig  (which we came to learn like many do that they don't actually exist!) 

Suddenly, Kristin found her hands full with a 300-pound big baby pig.  Ziggy left the Virgin Islands (his first home) and traveled the United States in his motorhome with his parents, Kristin Hartness and Jay Yontz, educating the public about living a compassionate lifestyle. He has successfully encouraged hundreds of his fans and supporters to embrace an ethical vegan lifestyle, a way of living that 
cherishes the sentient and unique individuals all animals are and that excludes cruelty to Ziggy's animal friends. Ziggy loves hiking, swimming on beaches, mangoes, and getting attention from everyone who visits! At 14 years old, he is our eldest pig, our first born son, and the king of the farm! Watching this boy who means everything to us age has been so difficult, but there's nothing we wouldn't do for him. A few yaers ago, Ziggy was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis - we worried if he would ever walk normally again. So in the spirit of our late friend Carol, who donated money towards the project, we were able to build a therapy pool we named Ziggy Beach that has been instrumental in Ziggy's mobility as well as a vital physical therapy space for our other disabled and special needs animals. Ziggy and the other animals spend hours each day exercising and enjoying the warm water where their joints can relax and they can feel weightless. Ziggy is also waging a battle against skin cancer in his older years. We have collaborated with vets from across the country to get him the treatment he needs, and Ziggy like so many of our other animals is forging veterinary history for the treatment farm animals. Every day with Ziggy is a blessing, and his colorful life and spirit are the driving forces behind everything we believe in and do here at Ziggy's Refuge. We love you Zig!


Ya'll don't tell Ziggy this (we don't want it going to his head), but he also has his very own feature on The Dodo!

Click the link below to learn a bit more about him, his story, and his adventures across the country!

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