Buddy's story starts with a call to animal control after he was found behind a convenience store scavenging for food scraps. Our guess is that he was dumped, one thing for sure is that life’s been ugly to him up to this point and now it’s time to show him the good side of living. North Carolina law requires animal control to auction "livestock" animals, even pigs that are clearly pets, which unfortunately often end up in the wrong hands. To save Buddy from auction, we agreed to help foster him until we could find him a forever home. Well clearly, Buddy shortly became a foster fail and has been a forever part of our farm ever since. 
Buddy loves nothing more than a soft bed shared with his best friends, Biscuit, Tank, and Little Baby. He makes the cutest, high pitched grunt when he wants attention, and more often than not, when he wants animal crackers! Buddy likes to lounge around in the lazy river most days, and he is usually the first one ready for bed at night, buried underneath his blankets before all his friends are ready to sleep! Buddy can be shy with new people, but once you earn his trust, this boy can't get enough belly rubs. His favorite is getting scratches behind his ears! We love having Buddy as a part of our farm and can't imagine life without our special little foster failure!!!

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