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Buddy's story starts with a call to animal control after he was found behind a convenience store scavenging for food scraps. Our guess is that he was dumped, one thing for sure is that life’s been ugly to him up to this point and now it’s time to show him the good side of living. North Carolina law requires animal control to auction "livestock" animals, even pigs that are clearly pets, which unfortunately often end up in the wrong hands. To save Buddy from auction, we agreed to help foster him until we could find him a forever home. Well clearly, Buddy shortly became a foster fail and has been a forever part of our farm ever since!

Buddy spent the first few years living with his best friends Tank, Little Baby, and Biscuit. 


In the winter of 2020, we noticed Buddy was limping, and gradually, the limp became worse. We didn't want to stress him out and risk further injury trying to drive Buddy 5 hours to a university hospital, so we tried to treat him here first. Our local vet took portable x-rays, and everything seemed normal, so we thought it was a pulled disc. By early spring, it was clear Buddy needed some extra help, so we took him to UT for further testing. What the initial x-rays didn't pick up here were several hairline fractures in both shoulders, likely not related to an injury, but low bone density. Buddy underwent an intense shoulder athrodesis surgery, with several plates and screws placed, and handled it like a champ. He has trusted us every step of the way, and despite his shyness, has taken it all in stride and turned into quite the little attention-seeker! For fear of re-injuring his shoulder, we have had to separate Buddy from his friends. He lives alone in his bachelor pad, equipped with a radio, TV, calming essential oils, and nice fluffy bed. Buddy's recovery was long and difficult, but made easier with several volunteers like Buddy's BFF Patti who visits several times weekly to give Buddy attention and get him to do his physical therapy. We give Buddy laser therapy, and have seen amazing improvement in his pain since adding C60 supplements to his diet. Now, Buddy rolls around in mud, runs around his pasture, and loves harder than ever - something we were so scared we would never see again after his surgeries. We love this tough little boy so much. He has beat so many odds and we are endlessly grateful to our volunteers who help keep Buddy entertained and feeling loved through this whole process.

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