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Sweetie pie Elvis is definitely the "king" cow of our hearts (don't tell Ziggy!) and was our first cow here at the farm. Click on the picture to read more about how he came to be here at Ziggy's!



The "baby" of our cow trio, Carson is also blind! With the help of his friends, he has also become confident and shown his true colors since his rescue. Click on his photo to learn more about his story!

allie (2) (960x1280).jpg


Allie is one special girl, who just so happens to be missing both eyes! Despite this, she has been able to blossom into a loving, confident gal in her time here at Ziggy's. Click her photo to learn more about her!

maxwell (2).jpg


Maxwell is quite possibly the sweetest donkey ever (although we are biased, of course). He lives with the cows and is a laid-back, cuddly little guy. Click Maxwell's photo to learn more about his rescue and story.

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