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Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary

3913 Walters Mill Road

Providence, NC 27315
Tel: 336-912-2310


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Animal Admissions

  • We cannot and will not admit dogs or cats; check with local animal shelters and rescues, or re-home your pet responsibly.

  • We do not accept wildlife. Call your local vet if you find abandoned or injured wildlife or use the Animal Help Now app to find a licensed wildlife rehabber near you.

  • We operate on a tight budget with limited space. We receive many requests each day, and with such finite resources, usually must deny them all. Our organization's main hope is to educate the public that pet pigs and farm animals should be a lifetime commitment, in order to decrease the number of abandoned and unwanted farm animals and to decrease the burden on farm sanctuaries and rescues like our own.

2. Visitors

  • There are no visits or tours at the farm in the forseeable future due to COVID-19. Thank you for understanding why we must be extremely cautious.

3. Volunteers

  • We are in need of dedicated volunteers who are willing to visit the farm for at least 10 hours monthly, for a minimum of six months. We take a lot of time to train and introduce volunteers to our animals, and thus, need them to be committed to helping out routinely. If you have questions, please contact us for more information.