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Maxwell was rescued by the ASPCA from a kill pen, a common fate for donkeys and horses that are unwanted and discarded. He was in terrible shape when they took him in, but they were able to slowly nurse him back to health. Of course, this lovely creature couldn't stay with them forever, so they searched high and low for a permanent home. That permanent home was Ziggy's Refuge, where the ASPCA was sure he would never end up discarded and in a bad situation ever again. Maxwell fits right in at Ziggy's. If you visit, you'll probably hear him talking! He absolutely loves hugs and neck scratches, and has blossomed from shy to social butterfly. Maxwell is truly an angel, and is extremely calm, gentle, and one of the sweetest donkeys we have ever met. He's the kind of animal you'd trust with a toddler - he's just that gentle. He lives in the pasture with the cows, alpacas, and with his best friend Titan. Maxwell had previously bonded strongly to our late stallion Rijoso, and was deeply depressed after Rijoso died unexpectedly from melanoma. We decided we wanted to get him a donkey friend, and along came Titan! At first, Maxwell was skeptical and the two bickered and pinned ears and bit at each other. But day by day, the bond between Maxwell and Titan grew stronger. They would spend hours grazing together, taking strolls through the pasture, and enjoying downtime together. Nowadays, you never find one without the other far behind. Their heartwarming story is a reminder that love and friendship is healing, and can bloom in the most unexpected places! We’re so grateful to have these two lovable (and hilarious!) boys brightening our days at the sanctuary.
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