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Media and Special Features

Changing the way people think about farm animals. 

We love showing the world all the unique personalities every single one of our animals possesses and changing the way people think about farm animals. Every single one of our babies is a miracle, and someday, we hope the whole world sees them the way that we do.
The Wizard of Paws (S1: E9)
Moko and Hannah Montana certainly wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the expertise, compassion, and help of their Uncle Derrick! Our babies were featured on his show this past Spring of 2020. Click the link below to check it out!

Ziggy the Traveling Piggy
This was the first "feature" of one of our animals that went viral on Facebook. In real life and through social media, our rescues inspire people every day to choose a compassionate, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Our greatest hope is that people see our big ole baby flopping in the sand and make the connection that he's no different from their dog or pet at home. So why do we love some but eat others? 

Hurricane Heroes
Hurricane Florence brought destruction to Eastern NC in late 2018, and tens of thousands of farmed animals perished. Learn more about the amazing survivors that live here at Ziggy's by clicking the video below.

More features of our Hurricane Pigs:

Flo's Rescue Story (The Dodo)

Champ's Rescue Story:
Comeback Kids by The Dodo
Pigs ‘swam for days’ in Florence floodwaters. Now they won’t leave each other’s side (News & Observer)
Moko: The Dodo
Our friends at The Dodo came out to the farm last year to film this awesome segment on our special needs sheep Moko. Click the video below to watch!
Rescue Turkey SPOILED by New Parents As He Learns To Walk Again (The Dodo)
Thank you to the Dodo for making this awesome segment on Toby. We miss him immensely, but we are so grateful to have been able to show the world the loving personality and zest for life our little boy had, just like every one of the millions of farmed turkeys living in the world today. Click the link below to access the segment on Toby.
Spectrum News 1 North Carolina
Our friend Taylor Neuman has filmed two awesome segments for our local news channel, one on Hannah Montana and another about Hope!
Click the links below to view them!
Hannah's Feature:
Hope's Feature:
Labor of Love: NC Couple Runs Farm Dedicated to Animals with Special Needs (WFMY News 2)
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