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Moko and Jumbie are brother and sister, and came to us in Spring of 2018. The two were born on a commercial farm, most likely being bred for lamb meat. After accidentally being born in a pasture that winter, they both lost their ears to frostbite, and Moko lost part of his hind legs before anyone even knew they were alive. Luckily the farmer found them and surrendered them to us.

Unlike her brother Moko, our girl Jumbie is perfectly able-bodied, but also lives in the house with him to keep him company. Wherever Moko is, Jumbie is never far behind. When we have had to bring them to the hospital, Jumbie gets so distressed when the team takes Moko away for his treatment that she needs to be sedated. The two share a very special bond and seek comfort in each other if one is sick or scared.

As those who follow our social media pages know, we have no shortage of funny stories to tell about Jumbie, and there is never a dull moment with her around. Jumbie always keeping herself busy, and has eaten countless foods swiped from kitchen counters, if you can't tell by her waistline. She is always finding new and creative ways to get into things she shouldn't! Jumbie is the queen of the household, and her throne is the Lovesac, where she loves to cuddle with her mom, dad, or Penny. This pampered princess prefers air conditioning and carpeted floors, and often has to be lured outdoors for physical therapy time with Moko! Without doubt, Jumbie provides plenty of comic relief (and sometimes headaches!) and we don't know what we'd do with ourselves if it weren't for her antics always keeping us on our toes!!

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