Lucy + Ethel

Lucy and Ethel are the coolest, most fearless ducks you will ever meet! Lucy is the white Pekin, and she was brought to us by a friend. We affectionately call her Loudmouth Lucy, because no matter where you are on the farm, you can always hear her quacking! Our farm sure would be a much quieter and lonelier place without her here!
Ethel is a beautiful Muscovy that was dropped off at our neighbor's pond along with her mate Fred by animal control who had removed them from a dangerous area with lots of traffic, but didn't have a place to house them. Ethel and Fred adopted us much more than we adopted them, and every morning, would fly from the pond all the way to our farm to hang out with Lucy. We tried to keep them here at night, but it was clear that they were happier flying back and fort. Plus, they were incredible escape artists! Eventually, we just threw up our hands and decided that if they wanted to roam free, we should let them. Unfortunately, several years ago, Fred passed away, but for the past few years, Ethel has maintained the tradition of flying to the barn during the day and back to her pond at night. She is much more independent and does not like to be held like Lucy does. However, she is used to us here and has come to enjoy being around people. She and Lucy are the best of friends, always doing everything together and waiting outside the barn door for her friend Lucy every day.

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