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Lucy + Ethel

Lucy and Ethel are the coolest, most fearless ducks you will ever meet! Lucy is the white Pekin, and she was brought to us by a friend. We affectionately call her Loudmouth Lucy, because no matter where you are on the farm, you can always hear her quacking! 

Ethel is a beautiful Muscovy that was dropped off at our neighbor's pond along by animal control who had removed her from a dangerous area with lots of traffic, but didn't have a place to house them. Ethel adopted us much more than we adopted her. Every morning, Ethel would fly from the pond all the way to our farm to hang out with Lucy and return back to her pond at night. She and Lucy were the best of friends, and always in the middle of all the action on the farm.
Our beautiful girl Lucy passed away in her sleep in December of 2020. A necropsy found that she had ovarian cancer, a condition common in egg-laying birds. We were shocked, because Lucy had never shown any discomfort, and our vet explained that to Lucy, the cancer most likely just felt like some extra pressure, similar to needing to lay an egg. Though her passing was sudden, we are grateful it was painless. It was difficult to get used to farm life without Lucy, as her loud quacks were constant background noise. Ethel undoubtedly missed her friend, but has become much more independent and bold since Lucy's death. Recently, she has begun a tradition in which she waddles into our kitchen most afternoons to beg for food. She is completely unbothered by the dogs, cats, pigs and other animals that live in our house. Her spunky personality makes life on the farm so much more colorful, and we can't imagine life without her!
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