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We had been following the story of Daisy Mae and Rasta for weeks before we finally stepped in and gave them a forever home. These two are best friends, and have lived a hard life. Daisy Mae was forced to breed with Rasta, in hopes of producing "geep" -- sheep/goat hybrids that are often born stillborn or with many genetic abnormalities. After many failed attempts to breed, in May 2018, the two best friends were shipped to slaughter. Thankfully, good Samaritans intervened and got them to a safe place, then eventually transferred them here to Ziggy's.

Rasta is an old man, around 12 years or so. He is extremely bonded to Daisy Mae. The two do everything together, and have our whole yard and big barn at their disposal to explore. Poor little Rasta is extremely fearful of people to this day, and we don't blame him, considering the abuse he endured most of his life. He will take snacks from our hands, but never allows us to pet him. He is happiest roaming around with his friends, and though we are sad we may never form a personal relationship with him, our greatest hope is to make sure he is comfortable and feels safe. If he chooses to keep his distance from people, we respect his space. If Rasta is happy, then so are we. We wish we could take back all of the suffering this boy has faced in his life, and we are so grateful to be able to give him peace here on the farm for the rest of his life.
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