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Wilbur, Albert, + Oliver

Wilbur, Albert, and Oliver (or the Three Amigos, as we call them) are all brothers and the sons of sweet Petunia. They came to Ziggy's after being pulled by another rescue who saved them without having fosters lined up, so they ended up having no place to go. Ziggy's Refuge stepped in and gave these babies a forever home. Here, the pigs' personalities bloomed. Albert loves to snuggle, adores when fresh hay is given out, and inhales treats.  He doesn't really care for belly rubs, but has warmed up to people in his time being here.
Oliver is also a bit shy when it comes to people and other animals, but he has blossomed and grown his trust since arriving here and we have finally seen big personality hiding beneath his bashful facade. He loves to eat watermelon whenever he can and tends to be one of our more independent pigs! Oliver enjoys rooting around in the mud and lounging in the sun
Wilbur is the most mischievous of the three, and he is very outgoing. He absolutely loves eating pancakes, but any treat will do. He leads by example, teaching his brothers and the other animals on the farm how to receive love and give trust.

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